We all like to feel good. Dressing for success usually means wearing a well fitted suit. You look good, you feel good.  How many times have you gone to a function or work and worn something different to what you normally wear and colour coordinated it? People may have said to you ‘…wow, you look nice!’ How does that make you feel? Great, right?  You have a spring in your step and it makes your day!

That’s where I come in with Murad Styling and personal shopping experience for gentlemen. I offer a high level of personal one on one, proper ‘old school’ service on advising you on what to wear to work, to a party, function, holidays, a wedding or a complete seasonal wardrobe. I will talk you through seasonal fashion trends and what to wear with what, and colour coordinate all of it. How to do a proper tie knot, how to wear a pocket square and what shoes to wear with the outfit. In fact down to every small detail. I offer advice on what to wear to a Golf day or any other sporting event. I will establish your needs, do all the running around and then take you shopping. I will also then get your clothing tailored so the clothes fit properly on you and then bring them back to you at your home or work so you don’t need to worry or run  around. I will save you time and money so you can get on with your life. I can help you with last minute clothes shopping and get it all tailored in time too.

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‘This guy is fantastic. Muz has helped me in every situation including Golfing Days, Weddings and Polo Matches. You walk into a venue and people comment on how good you look. I thank Muz for being a great guy and ‘old-school’ gentleman and he is a pleasure to spend time with.’

Paul Flynn